All paintings shown here are copies of ancient frescoes and are created using similar pigments and techniques to the originals. Paintings vary in size from approx 25-100cm and weight from approx 2-10kg. Prices range from £200 to £1000 (excluding delivery) and each painting is prepared for wall hanging with pre-mounted screws and wire at the back.
BirdsStill LivesPeopleAnimal & FishLandscapes
PeacockIbisFlying Bird From OplontisBird from Oplontis
Golden OrioleMagpieSultan ChickenFlying Brown Bird
Golden Bird 1Golden Bird 2Dove in laurel bushNightingale with Roses
Dove with ApplesSmall Bird with pearsSmall bird with cherriesBirdbath
Wading Bird 1Wading Bird 2Bluebird
Swallow Over QuinceBlackbird alighting on a treeOriole with pomegranates
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