All paintings shown here are copies of ancient frescoes and are created using similar pigments and techniques to the originals. Paintings vary in size from approx 25-100cm and weight from approx 2-10kg. Prices range from £200 to £1000 (excluding delivery) and each painting is prepared for wall hanging with pre-mounted screws and wire at the back.
BirdsStill livesPeopleAnimals & FishLandscapes
Theran FishernamSaffron Gatherer 1Saffron Gatherer 2Saffron Gatherer 3
Cretan Frieze (male)Cretan Freize (female)
Dancing Girls
DancerLyer Player
Equestrian Warrior (red)Equestrian Warrior (yellow)Equestrian Warrior (black)
FlautistIll Tratiore
Erotic ScenePygmies & Crocodiles
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